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Welcome to the Digital Weaving UK website.


This website is very much in development so please check back as we build it over the next few weeks.


We provide maintenance and servicing for TC-1 and TC-2 (Thread Controller) you can read further details on the Servicing page.


For owners we hope to provide a library of technical support documentation this will be available on the Support page.


If you have expressed interest or have questions then there is the TC-2 page and the FAQ page


For those people interested in Hand Jacquard Weaving we hope to inspire you to further explore the possibilities with TC-2. A loom they say that has no limits in creating fabric designs from a photograph, a drawing or your imagination. Have a look at the Gallery page to see what some people are producing.


In the last few years there has been growing discussion and research into 'smart textiles', wearable technology and textiles in medical applications. We hope to be able to show you some the latest developments on the Resources page.


The TC-2 looms original design brief was incorporate modern digital techniques with the traditional hand Jacquard fabric construction methods. However by incorporating modern industrial engineering design the limitations of the Jacquard loom could be overcome thus producing as Vibeke Vestby (the driving force and originator of the concept) said when describing TC-2 as "her ultimate dream loom".


This could only be achieved with deep collaboration from an engineering team found in Tronrud Engineering. Their expertise in off shore petrochemical, photovoltaic (PV) and design development solutions for industry means they were the dream team to produce a dream machine.


It has been said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication has is truly the case with TC-2


On the History page you will find how the TC-2 came to be. You will also find the history of computing as it relates to Jacquard weaving, this is a fascinating story of how an ancient technology has woven its DNA into modern computing, the question is where will you take it?


We hope you now feel suitable intrigued and curious to learn more about TC-2


You can contact us via the Contact page email form


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